Federico Bellini heritage is one that comes from a distant past: three generations of jewellers have grabbed the secrets of jewellery manufacturing and converted it into art, forging true master pieces of refined elegance. Today, Federico Bellini collections are drawn from tradition and reinterpreted to become the voice of a strong and impetuous personality. Handcrafted jewels of refined elegance and precious materials find new shapes and set the rules of contemporary luxury. A new generation of style is born.


Any Federico Bellini master piece is entirely developed internally: from designing to prototyping, from casting to finishing and polishing.  Here each jewel changes hands many times: master goldsmiths and specialised jewellers create a refined precision chain, to deliver true high jewellery masterpieces.

Every piece of a Federico Bellini collection is unique, each detail is taken care of with utmost accuracy and passion.

Relying on the creative ability of Federico Bellini means having the opportunity to customise your jewel, by making even more exclusive and completely bespoke.

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