Switching from a virtue to what represents it.

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Switching from a virtue to what represents it.

If you take a look at the collections of my website, you will get lost among the gold and diamonds of luxury objects of provocative charm. How do these jewels, thought exclusively for him, become bearers of values and virtues, able to last in time and to distinguish a Man?

Let’s start from Enclaws: as you will notice, the leit motiv of the collection is a claw.
A strong image, isn’t it? Powerful, maybe?

Yes, the claw is both strong and powerful. It refers to an animal that knows how to defend himself and protect what matters, it reminds a wild beast of the forest, able to dominate its space, to be the leader of its herd, to open the way to others like him.

A panther, a lion, a jaguar, a tiger: proud, determined, strong animals, a true point of reference for the ecosystem of a forest, all endowed with powerful claws.

The Enclaws man is all this: proud, strong, always ready to protect the family and to heighten friendship, able to defend those who are weaker than him, in a tension of pure altruism.

Those who choose Enclaws cannot help but communicate these messages, but not only.
There is something more that I feel I must add: there is never a push to violence or sheer provocation in my jewellery. The claw I refer to is particularly the one that concerns the ability to defend with the lifestyle values, family, friends.

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There is no physical confrontation in my idea of value and virtue, but rather the ability to mediate, while remaining steadfast in their positions.

I would like to make that quite clear, because that is what I was referring to in my previous article.
The reasons “on the edge of provocative”; I told you about indicate the ability to indulge their instinct for protection in a “higher” way, as leaders, through words, gestures, attitudes that determine the life of a man who sees himself in these values: force without violence, protection without the need to attack first, disinterested help towards others, therefore without the need to underline it.

Now that I have told you the meaning of the claw, it is time to take a closer look, but not before next week!


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