The Eternal Symbols of Male Virtues

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The Eternal Symbols of Male Virtues

I think that jewels are not only aesthetically pleasing items to wear but that they have important meanings for those who choose them.

My concept of jewel is similar to that of a code, made of values, which reveals to the interlocutor its way of thinking and seeing the life and the world of the one who wears it.

Looking around however I never could find men’s creations that would reflect this idea. On the contrary – and I will go further – I have never found men’s jewels that were nothing more than a derivation of pieces specifically designed for women.

So I wondered: why not dedicate to Man – and only to him – a new brand?
A brand in which the man of today – the one who keeps firm and stays true to his own values, the one who loves the family, gives great importance to friendship and faces life head-on – can recognize himself?

The answer took shape with the creation of a brand in which two characteristics were very clear:

  • 1. the first is that the jewels of the various collections are born exclusively for him;
  • 2. the second is that each collection brings with it values that belong to me and that I want to communicate to those who are mirroring in this identity.

From these ideas I have created four collections – that I will talk about in depth in our next virtual meetings, here on my blog – which I want to introduce to you right now, to explain what are the virtues and the values at the basis of every line of mine.


For Enclaws I chose the claw which for me symbolizes the instinct of protection of man towards family, friends and in general towards those who seek his help.


Beastud, with its distinctive stud shape, reads the qualities of solidity, firmness and ability to be masters of one’s own life.

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The Bulletruth line is represented by a bullet, not as a call of violence but as the embodiment of the speed, the decision and the positive energy of a man who is able to achieve his own goals, whether it is the search for truth or the need to be not conformed to the mass.


Bravetag, with the characteristic dog tag, symbolizes the courage and heroism of those who know how to fight for their ideals, but is able to accept and defend those of others.

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From my next article I’ll explain to you in more depth the ideas and passion behind each collection, because I hope you also might understand and love my creations as I do.


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