How I revolutionised the idea of men’s jewellery

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How I revolutionised the idea of men’s jewellery

My name is Federico Bellini and this is my blog.

There are many reasons why people start a blog: the need to be heard, a desire for self- expression, or the sheer pleasure in sharing one’s point of view.

My own motivation is a desire to share the reasons behind my decision to dedicate myself to jewellery craftmanship, our family business, and define the character of my collections.

First and foremost, my brand is exclusively for men; I wanted to break away from the tradition according to which most men’s jewellery may be only an adaptation of mainstream ladies’ collections. Mine? They are for men, and men only, created to express typically ‘manly’ values.

I don’t believe that men are attracted by ephemeral accessories, worn purely for their ornamental value. I feel that men perceive jewels as symbolic, permanent conveyors of values. Not any values, mind, but those which I (as a man) aspire to: courage, strength, stability, steadfastness, and the deeply-seated instinct to protect. I’d go as far as saying that those are not just values, but virtues, defining and showing us for who and what we are: strong, confident, yet aware of the needs of those surrounding us. We strive to live in the current world without blending into it, expressing our individuality upon which to build our life.

Dislike mass-produced jewels trying to please everybody: if a jewel is to express specific virtues, then it needs to be unique, handmade by my family’s craft, typical of generations of talent and know-how.

My jewels are, in my view, real masterpieces, a symbol of excellence, often, sadly, forgotten by today’s standards, but part and parcel of the ‘Made in Italy’ artistry.

I aim to rescue the jewel’s essence through our expertise and skills, offering an alternative to soulless pieces made on assembly lines.

My blog is a journey: come with me to explore values jealously guarded generation by generation, to discover unique and original jewels borne out of loving craftsmanship and design. My pieces are dedicated to men who share my aspirations to specific virtues and ideals.

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