Federico Bellini: I am the only fine jewellery brand for men

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Federico Bellini: I am the only fine jewellery brand for men

Federico Bellini: at just 23 years of age, the young designer has just launched his unique brand of men-only creations, his alternative to the simplistic approach to jewels as aesthetic triumphs.

“Rather than create yet another range of beautiful pieces as meaningless accessories, I wanted to offer a brand-new approach: jewels uniquely carrying their own meaning, ‘living’ and upholding values which are important to the man wearing them,” explains Federico.

Digging deep into traditionally ‘masculine’ features such as the instinct to protect loved ones, perseverance to fulfill one’s ambitions, loyalty towards others and a desire to stay true to one’s spirit, the young designer has created jewels as independent carriers of meaningful content.

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Behind every collection there is a passionate desire to move away from pure consumerism; Federico Bellini has chosen to be inspired by a longing for stability in the face of an ever-volatile reality.

“My creations do not symbolise romance, seduction and love: I wanted a brand to be uncompromising and unambiguous in evoking the most instinctive and natural values appealing to men.”

Discover the creation

The Federico Bellini brand is not adapted from existing creations, but a brand-new celebration of men’s unique character: men who choose Federico Bellini wear jewels which represent and celebrate their innermost values.

Valenza, 18 september

Federico Bellini’s artisanship hails from Valenza, a small town with a big international name for its ancient heritage built upon by many generations of families of goldsmiths. All the young designer’s collections are handmade by artisans of exceptional skill, using both state-of-the-art technology and traditional know-how to turn the most refined precious materials (like 18-carat gold and natural diamonds) into ‘objets d’art’.

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