Enclaws, in search of the Man and his values

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Enclaws, in search of the Man and his values

In my opinion, what really distinguishes and characterizes a man are the values he embodies. Each of us can decide to live according to our own code of conduct, that I think are the respect of some values and some virtues that I feel mine.

As mentioned in the last article, each of my four collections is based on this, giving shape to my ideas and my way of understanding life.

Which – I am sure – will be reflected in other men, who will feel comfortable reading my personal notes, as well as wearing my jewellery.

In this way, I feel like a spokesman of a male feeling that I want you to know through this and the next items, starting from the Enclaws collection.

When I think of who will wear an Enclaws jewel, I immediately imagine a type of resolute man, driven by the instinct of protection and altruism.

I imagine a man who does not conform to the mass, but who loves family and believes in friendship as far as to protect them, always. A man who offers a helping hand to anyone who needs him, who finds his strength in altruism.

A strong man, but capable of not crushing other people with his personality, naturally inclined to enhance the good that there is in the depths of every person he meets. A real leader, in a word.

I’ll tell you: it is not easy to give a physical and material form to these feelings, to these values, but I think I succeeded, in Enclaws as in the other three collections, simply letting myself be inspired by nature and observing the world around me.

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I have noticed that the contradictions that I witness every day (just read a newspaper or watch television news to realize it) can be important in deciphering the reality in which we live and the values of which we want to be bearers.

I am especially talking about the fact of having chosen very strong reasons, for absolute and shared virtues, sometimes at the edge of provocative (as you will notice browsing a little my website), but that go straight to the point, once explained what they mean to me.

Let’s start with the claw of Enclaws, but you will still have to wait a week to know everything…


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